GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN The Epiphany of the Displaced / Skira 2019
  • Casa editrice: Skira
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  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Gottfried Helnwein shakes people at their core, he moves their hearts. And it pleases me, of course, when one can show that art does not have to be art for art’s sake, that it can have a message, a message which affects people and moves them. Klaus Albrecht Schroder / Director, Albertina Museum Vienna Helnwein is a masterof surprised recognition. William S. Burroughs Well, the world is a haunted house, and Helnwein at times is our tour guide through it. Somehow, with every great work of art, there is a step in the evolution of man, and I’m not embarrassed to consider it that way. Especially not on the level that Helnwein operates on. Sean Penn Helnwein is one of the very few exciting painters we have today. Norman Mailer Helnwein is a very ne artist and one sick motherfucker. Robert Crumb If anyone from Austrian ne art of the last fty years could be called a star, then there is only one person who meets all the criteria: Gottfried Helnwein. Stella Rollig Director, Belvedere Museum Vienna Helnwein’s ght for expression and stance against oppression are reasons why I chose him as an artistic partner. An artist that doesn’t provoke will be invisible. Art that doesn’t cause strong emotions has no meaning. Helnwein has that internalized. Marilyn Manson Helnwein creates the profoundly disturbing yet compellingly provocative image of the wounded child. The child scarred physically and the child scarred emotionally from within. Robert Flynn Johnson Curator, Fine Arts Museums San Francisco